John Leech Sketch archives from Punch

These were originally published as "sketches of life and character" and give extraordinary insight into life in those days. cartoons can be accessed by date, keyword or title index. Please note 1800 is used when the year of publication is unknown. There are well over 600 online:

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Here is a favourite (accurate prediction of life in 150 years?).
Husband Taming
The sketches are beautifully draw line cartoons. We have only put up internet quality images in this archive website, for which the captions are readable and which allow you to appreciate the beautiful sketches. If you would like print quality copies of any images Sample High Resolution cartoon feel free to ask; no charge, we are not after your money, but if you are able to you may be asked to make a small contribution (say 5 per image, negotiable) to a children's charity in recognition of the effort! If you cannot afford to give, don't worry we are nice people. Contact via site administrator homepage